Clinician Testimonials

“A ‘vital sign’ for addictions used for guiding treatment could replace current metrics of ‘relapse’, ‘no show’, and other stigmatizing labels.”

– Family Medicine Doctor

“Being able to talk with the patient about their measured triggers immediately in the office could help me treat [the patient] for when they’re out of office.”

– Licensed Alcohol and Drug Therapist

“Brain biomarker data shows how Substance Use Disorder is a medical condition that can be tracked.”

– Licensed Clinical Psychologist

“Physiological [brain] monitoring of people with Substance Use Disorders is going to be huge for harm reduction in the future”

– Licensed Clinical Social Worker

“Patients don’t have anything outside themselves to show that treatment is doing anything- a brain scan can give hope that treatment is improving their recovery, despite their immediate feelings.”

– Licensed Clinical Psychologist

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