Our Story

Neurotype Inc. was founded in 2019 by Dr. Scott Burwell, PhD. His many years of experience working at a family liquor store led him to pursue a research career in addiction and brain sciences at the prestigious Minnesota Center for Twin and Family Research and Swartz Center for Computational Neuroscience. There, he identified brain systems that cause persistent suffering and chronic relapsing in addictions.

Scott Burwell- Founder of Neurotype Inc., Minneapolis, MN
Scott Burwell, PhD – CEO & Founder, Neurotype Inc.

Burwell was disappointed at the lack of translation of neuroscience into addiction healthcare. Despite understanding the biology behind persisting addictions, current treatments rely on outmoded clinical observations or one-size-fits-all approaches to guide medication and psychotherapy delivery. As a result, many people in addiction treatment do not receive the personalized care they need, and remain easily triggered by their environment, leading to persistent craving and recurrent drug use.

Burwell created NeuromarkR™ to help clinicians pinpoint patient’s triggers for drug craving and use, allowing personalized treatment and trigger disarmament. Using low-cost, portable brain sensor headsets, NeuromarkR™ measures brain responses to environmental cues , enabling targeted therapy to address these triggers effectively.

Our Mission

Triggers are all around us, affecting everyone, often without us even realizing it. Simple things like seeing comfort food in the pantry, coming across a social media post about a lost loved one, or visiting a place where we have cherished memories with friends can lead to automatic reactions. These responses are difficult to override because they are deeply ingrained in our brains due to years of learning.

While many people can handle triggers without much trouble, for someone in recovery from an addiction, certain triggers can be extremely dangerous. For instance, watching drug use in a movie or show, encountering an old friend who used to do drugs together, or being in a location where drugs were once used can lead to automatic drug seeking with potentially life-threatening consequences.

Over 50% of people with a Substance Use Disorder relapse following treatment, often in response to feeling “triggered” by places or things that remind them of their previous substance use.

We started Neurotype Inc. to address the medical treatment of problematic triggers in the environment. We use brain sensor medical devices to monitor these triggers’ impacts on our brains. By doing so, therapies can be personalized to reduce triggers’ automatic influence on our feelings and behaviors. While conventional medications may help with addiction and psychological disorders affected by triggers, treating triggers requires specific, personalized interventions. Our biomarker platform decodes individual triggers from brain physiology at the point of care.This allows targeted therapy that repairs normal reward system function, enabling patients to lead happier lives with reduced trigger-related effects.

Our Vision

We believe that addictions should be treated as medical conditions, just like diabetes and hypertension. By introducing medical devices like NeuromarkR™ that target the underlying brain disease of addiction, our aim is to reduce the stigma surrounding addiction and level the treatment options with other health conditions.

Collaborators and Support

Neurotype Inc. has engaged in over a dozen competitive business accelerator and incubator programs funded by federal and state innovation initiatives. After winning first prize at Yale University’s 2019 Innovation to Impact pitch competition, the company has raised more than $800k in non-dilutive grants and cash prizes to launch NeuromarkR™. We are thankful to the numerous federal, state, and other programs for recognizing our potential in addressing an important clinical need and supporting the development of our products and the medtech innovation community.

Partners and collaborators that have aided Neurotype Inc. in research and funding for their medical device creation

Inspiring Improvement

Neurotype Inc. utilizes competitive Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grants from the National Institute of Health to advance our product technology and commercialization strategy. Check out the links below for details on our ongoing and past funded research projects.

Research project funded by SBIR grants and the NIH

Closed-loop attention bias modification brain training for opioid use disorder

July 2023- Present

NIH SBIR Phase 1 Award: R43DA057773-01A1

Animated demonstration of Neuromarkr in use in a clinic setting

Mobile brain sensing platform for detection of opioid craving and treatment response

September 2020- February 2023

NIH SBIR Phase 1 Award: R43DA053072- 02

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